Sven Nys about new shoulder injury Thibau: “He was ready to show beautiful things”


Thibau Nys has suffered a shoulder injury for the second time in a few months. The 19-year-old Belgian of Baloise Trek Lions crashed during the Belgian Championships cyclo-cross and immediately knew what time it was. His cross winter is over. Father Sven Nys was present at the Dutch cyclo-cross championship, where he CyclingFlash responds to the news: “It’s not going well for him.”

“The beginning of the season was ruined by an unfortunate fall (in the World Cup in Waterloo, ed.)”, Nys senior continues. “Thibau was in very good shape the last few weeks, he was also ready to show good things in the coming games. Well, this is part of the course. At the moment they are in the hospital preparing everything for a second operation. I spoke to him briefly and he said, ‘Dad, I feel it’s broken’. How was he underneath? In the beginning it was very sad.”

Update 19:00 – Still no collarbone fracture for Thibau Nys

Further examination at the hospital showed that Thibau Nys’ collarbone was not broken after all. According to doctor Toon Claes it was an ac subluxation, in which the joint between shoulder and collarbone dislocated. Nys also has a back bruise and a head injury.

“He will have to rest for two to three weeks, but surgery is not necessary. His cross season is over with this one”, team doctor Jan Mathieu of Baloise Trek Lions responds to The last news. “The plate that was screwed onto his collarbone after his collarbone fracture in October last year has not been touched. What’s more, it probably absorbed the shock that prevented a complicated collarbone fracture.”

The two-time world champion saw his son just come through, Nys junior also had that feeling. “He’s been working on that for so long to be ready. It then falls into the water, that is also sport for sure. You have to deal with that. It is probably the end of the season now and we should focus on next winter.” Thibau Nys won the X2O Trophy heats in Loenhout, Baal and Herentals in the last week and a half. He was top favorite for the Belgian U23 title and was well on his way to a World Cup selection.

The verdict seems hard: end of season – photo: Cor Vos

“I think you have to stay very positive,” Nys senior says about the fatherly advice to his son. “He needs to be well taken care of first. I’ll get in the car in a minute and drive over to him. Of course as a father you would like to be with him, but on the other hand we will probably arrive there at the same time. Thibau should not think too much about the future for a while and make sure that shoulder is back in order from day to day. After that we will start again, but I am sure he will come back stronger than ever.”

Program on the road
Thibau Nys can build up to his road campaign after recovery. There he is, after all, reigning European champion with the promises. “We have already made plans for that, but that is only before May,” says father Sven. “I don’t think we’re going to change that either. Thibau now has to come to his senses. A nice program has been worked out for him and he also has ambitions to show something there.”

Nys senior emphasizes that the road campaign now suits him well. “Otherwise it will take a long time before the next cross. As it stands now, Thibau will ride the Baloise Belgium Tour, the Tour de Wallonie, Dwars door het Hageland and possibly the Tour of the Future. That’s what we’re looking at. The Tour de l’Avenir is an extra lap that he can really use to test how far he can get there. It looks nice.”

Nys junior is also European road champion, father Sven to his left – photo: Cor Vos

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