Bizarre MS game. Czech juniors were expelled from the plane due to the erratic behavior of the Russians

Bizarre MS game. Czech juniors were expelled from the plane due to the erratic behavior of the Russians
Bizarre MS game. Czech juniors were expelled from the plane due to the erratic behavior of the Russians

Another great inconvenience was met by the Czech national hockey team, returning from a positive coronavirus test of one of the players and the premature cancellation of the World Cup from Canada. On the way back, the European part of the team and their entourage were expelled from the plane.

According to team manager Otakar Černý, the behavior of the Russian team, which was to return with the same connection, was to blame. The Finns, on the other hand, could leave. Instead of Friday, the Czech team should return today.

“It was a very strange situation. We arrived at Calgary Airport about three hours in advance. Our players went to buy souvenirs from Canada and some of the players called their families at home. On the contrary, we saw Russian players sitting at the bar. I warned all our boys in advance, let them wear veils and keep their spacing throughout their stay at the airport, “Černý said.

“Then we got on a plane and it should be noted, at that moment we noticed that some members of the Russian team clearly did not follow the hygiene rules and alcohol probably played a role in that. One member of the Russian implementation team even smoked in the tunnel before boarding the plane. “Some fellow passengers then complained about the behavior of the Russians and the crew therefore had the entire plane evacuated,” Černý described.

The problem seemed to be that the flight attendants blamed the situation of the young man in the gray Nike sweatshirts. “These sweatshirts were packed by all players before the start of the championship. Unfortunately, the Czech ones look exactly the same as the Russian ones, with the only difference that the sweatshirts of our players have the inscription ‘Czech Republic’ and the Russian ones ‘Russia’. And practically only for that reason they threw it into the same bag as the Russians and told us that the entire Czech and Russian expedition could no longer board the plane, “Černý explained.

In contrast, the Finns dressed in their classic blue-and-white combination were given permission to board and depart. “Although we explained to the Air Canada representatives for about thirty minutes that our players had not violated anything, their decision could not be reversed. “They provided us with a hotel and a flight to Frankfurt at the same time a day later. They also assured us that we would not fly on the same flight as the Russian hockey players,” he told events at Černý airport.

“We have a clear conscience and I am convinced that our players did not break anything, none of them were even warned by the flight attendants about a poorly fitted drape,” he stressed. “On the other hand, some Russians didn’t even have a veil, which outraged some Canadian fellow passengers and complained to flight attendants. So it’s another complication of this year’s Junior World Championships. On the other hand, we’re glad the situation is settled only 24 hours longer, “added Černý.

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