Fico is the third most trusted politician in Slovakia

Less than two years have passed since the election triumph of the OĽANO movement, but the political scene has changed beyond recognition since then. According to the latest Focus agency survey for the show Na Telo televize Markíza, former three-time prime minister Robert Fico (56) is the third most trusted politician in Slovakia.

29 percent of respondents trust him, more than the current Prime Minister Eduard Heger (45) or SaS chief Richard Sulík (53). The electoral sympathies of the head of Smer are even at the level he last reached at the beginning of 2018, ie before the wave of protests caused by the murder of journalist Jan Kuciak († 27) and his fiancée Martina Kušnirová († 27).

On the contrary, his biggest rival Igor Matovič is unable to win the favor of the voters. Since the election, he and his OĽANO movement have been steadily declining in polls, and today the finance minister is a politician who is not trusted by the most people in Slovakia, 86 percent. A total of 14 percent of people expressed confidence in him.

Compared to last April’s survey, the credibility of both politicians has changed dramatically. Fico was trusted by 20 percent of the population at the time, and then-Prime Minister Matovic enjoyed the trust of 48 percent of the people.

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Matovič’s OĽaNO gained 25.02 percent in the election, and he himself has long been at the forefront of the credibility rankings. Chaotic decisions, squabbles and reckless distribution of millions broke through his voters, and so Matovič gradually became the most untrustworthy. He has more than two years to go to the polls, and people are starting to worry about his next decisions. Advise the minister on what to do to regain the confidence of the electorate. We will reward the five of you who send the most original ideas with a Christmas package and promise to pass on your answers to Igor Matovič. Send ideas, suggestions and suggestions to [email protected]

Experts clearly agree that the head of OĽaNO is responsible for his huge setback. According to them, one of the main reasons is that, despite the anti-corruption agenda of the movement, Slovakia has not experienced a drastic change in this direction since the elections. This year, we have even lost two places in the International Corruption Index. We finished five of the EU countries from the end, only Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Romania are worse off. “This set was unfortunate that a covid came right at the beginning of her reign, but at the same time she missed her chance to make the changes she promised. She started with the courts, the prosecutor’s office, but you can’t build on that one. “ former Slovak President Rudolf Schuster (87) assesses the situation.

In addition, the head of OĽANO is harmed by the fact that he makes unexpected decisions that are chaotic and not consulted with experts, warns political scientist Tomáš Koziak. “Matovič’s victory was very high and people expected expectations that he would manage the country in a good way. In the case of Matovič, it turned out in the first months that he was probably not able to do this, “ said the expert.

And indeed, many of his decisions were unexpected – such as widespread testing, vaccination lotteries, or the distribution of money to vaccinated seniors. Koziak adds that the huge drop in preferences is also marked by people’s disappointment and disappointment. Former Minister of Finance Brigita Schmögner (74) also agrees: “He does not fulfill what he addressed with the electorate and thanks to which he won the election. In addition, the inefficient way in which taxpayers’ money is spent must strike even the eyes of the average person. “ speaks for our diary.

Matovič’s preferences are said to be not helped by even the most reliable tool of the ruling politicians.

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