Analysis: One third of vaccinated discussants consider not going to the third dose

Analysis: One third of vaccinated discussants consider not going to the third dose
Analysis: One third of vaccinated discussants consider not going to the third dose

According to an analysis by Newton Media, from the start of vaccination on September 20 to November 10, it was published in selected traditional media via
1,500 posts.

Every inhabitant of the Czech Republic over the age of 15 could read, listen to or view 39 articles related to the booster vaccine. Increased awareness of the third dose was also reflected in the social media debates, where the topic resonated across all discussions about covid-19. In total, there were almost 10,000 posts on the networks with a total reach of nine million views, Newton Media said in a press release.

Almost a third of the articles published in the traditional media were positive about the third dose.

“Positive attitudes were most often heard from the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtěch, or the chairman of the Czech Vaccine Society, Roman Chlíbek. However, most of the editorial content was devoted to Andrej Babiš, who, after applying the third dose, became a kind of symbol of revaccination for the media, “calculated Newton Media analyst Ondřej Polivka.

In contrast, a critical or ambiguous attitude towards the third dose was represented in the traditional media in only 3% of articles.

“Anabela Čížková, the head of the Synlab laboratory in Prague, Martin Balík, a doctor, or Jiřina Bartůňková, an immunologist, expressed a cautious attitude to administering the third dose. ” .

In the social media, the topic of the third dose resonated most in discussions on Facebook (66% of mentions) and in discussion sections of news websites (26%). The most active were the readers of the server, where the most discussion posts concerning the third dose were accumulated.

While the traditional media were dominated by articles with a friendly approach to revaccination, in the social media, according to Newton Media, the composition was completely opposite. Negative opinions of the debaters against the third dose prevailed here (44%), while only a tenth (13%) of positive statements prevailed. The authors of ambivalent contributions (7%) were mostly people who completed two doses and with the third have so far hesitated or disagreed with its widespread application.

The reasons for refusing the third dose are different

“20% of authors mention that they are vaccinated. However, a third of them are considering not taking the third dose, “said analyst Alena Zachová from Newton Media.

The reasons why these discussants refuse the third dose are various. They are most often based on the fear of side effects, which is fueled by negative stories about the third dose circulating on social networks or bad experiences around them. People also often argue with medical authorities that they do not approve of widespread use of the third dose in the population.

Distrust of the functioning of vaccines has repeatedly arisen. Some discussants want to decide on the third dose based on the actual amount of antibodies in the blood. “It is clear that many of those who have received two doses are beginning to lean in the debate towards a group that refuses vaccinations, which is much louder on the social media. This trend represents a communication challenge for political and professional representation, “Zachová pointed out.

However, according to Newton Media, we would look in vain for political figures among the leaders of the network debate. Andrej Babiš did not provoke much discussion with his contributions, and Adam Vojtěch was just as insignificant.

The Ministry of Health itself published only three tweets and the same number of Facebook posts for the third vaccination, which did not bring much response. On the contrary, the Facebook post of the Czech Pirate Party on the topic of vaccination provoked a discussion.

The state of the covid epidemic is again alarming. Hospitals are already limiting non-acute care and the first cases of school closures are appearing. The current government is repeating the same mistakes as last year or this spring and is evolving from responsibility. At the same time, we have all the information to ensure that last year’s situation does not have to be repeated.

How to fix the problem?


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On Twitter, influencer Anna Šulcová’s tweet, which received over 2.2 thousand responses, reaped success.

I’m glad Grandma goes to the 3rd dose on Thursday

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“About 15% of the company fundamentally refuses vaccination and this has not changed for three quarters of a year,” added STEM psychologist and sociologist Nikola Hořejš.

“They are largely people who have not trusted the ‘system’, that is, the institutions and the media. And also people who were not familiar with the information pandemic. Rejection of vaccines for them is often symbolic, it is a rejection of the entire state’s access to covid-19. There is an estimated 5% of those who believe in extreme misinformation about vaccines, “Hořejš added.

The media analysis of the third dose of vaccination was performed by Newton Media within the project, which is being carried out in cooperation with the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University in Prague and the Medical Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. A team of analysts from academia and commerce has been monitoring the media coverage of the covid-19 epidemic for almost a year and points to good and bad practice in disseminating information about the pandemic. The project, supported by the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic, was recently awarded in the international competition of media analysts AMEC Awards, where it succeeded in the category focused on effective planning, research and evaluation of communication.

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