Andersson demands that Strandhäll review its finances

Andersson demands that Strandhäll review its finances
Andersson demands that Strandhäll review its finances

Annika Strandhäll (S) had barely had time to be appointed Minister of Climate and Environment in Magdalena Andersson’s new government before she ended up in bad weather. This after Aftonbladet noticed that the returning minister has debts with the Enforcement Officer.

According to the newspaper’s information, Strandhäll yesterday had two unpaid bills that went to debt collection and resulted in payment orders. The S-politician answered Aftonbladet in writing that she “missed these two bills” and that it surprised her.

She further explained what it was all about:

“One case concerns a canceled subscription to broadband and the other a filling of an outdoor bathtub. I will of course settle these debts directly “.

Information: Liabilities of SEK 16,000

In a TV4 interview later on Tuesday, Strandhäll had to answer questions regarding the debt collection demand.

– It’s not a violent, big story. Apparently I had a terminated broadband where there was a bill that I had not seen and kept track of.

– I have my personal finances in order and have never had a payment remark. So it surprised me as much as anyone else.

TV4, on the other hand, had contradictory information that Strandhäll in 2013 should have had debts of up to SEK 16,000.

– There’s nothing I remember. It is very far back in time.

“Had I had the slightest clue …”

On Wednesday morning, Annika Strandhäll appeared on the radio and told P1-Morgon that the debt has been paid.

– It is adjusted now, she says.

The Minister insists that she should not have known about the unpaid bills. In retrospect, TV4 has provided information that Annika Strandhäll has had nine cases with the Enforcement Officer since 2018.

– I know the rules of politics and have been in the government for five years. Had I had the slightest idea that this was the case, I would have made sure to regulate that, she says to P1-Morgon.

Annika Strandhäll has also said during the day that she has had a difficult time behind her. Her partner took his life, which led to Strandhäll leaving the government at his own request.

– I have been careful to pay them when they have arrived. At the same time, it has been the case that since the autumn of 2019 I have had an extremely turbulent time behind me in connection with my partner passing away very quickly and unexpectedly, Annika Strandhäll tells TT.

And adds:

– I have focused much more on the job and the mind for me and my children than this part and it is quite obvious when you see this line-up. There is nothing that I am happy with either and I will be much more careful going forward.

Requires review of the economy

On Wednesday, Magdalena Andersson (S) received questions about the new Minister of Climate and Environment’s bills. Andersson points out that she wants Strandhäll to do a thorough review of her personal finances. At the moment, she does not want to go into how it should be reported.

– I want her to do it as soon as possible so that she can focus on her job, Andersson says.

Do you trust her?

– Yes, I have confidence in Annika Strandhäll.

Andersson did not want to answer exactly what background check was done by the minister. Instead, she emphasized the private situation that the Minister of Climate Affairs has had in recent years.

– Everyone knows that Annika Strandhäll has had a very tough time, she says.

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