Skånska Dagbladet | Demands probation for bribery player

Skånska Dagbladet | Demands probation for bribery player
Skånska Dagbladet | Demands probation for bribery player

Sweden has in many ways been a role model when it comes to dealing with gambling addiction in various forms. The Swedish Public Health Agency has conducted surveys that show that approximately 2% of Sweden’s population suffers from some type of gambling addiction. However, this figure looks set to rise as a result of online casinos marching forward.

“The Swedish Public Health Agency believes that gambling is now a public health issue in Sweden. The criteria for something to be classified as a public disease is that it should affect many and can have serious consequences. Therefore, we now have a number of guides as well as information and help available to those who develop a problem with gambling. ”

Gambling addiction is just like with other addictions a disease that not only affects the person who has the addiction but also relatives. At you can get professional help both as a person suffering from an addiction and a relative of the person. It is important to remember that gambling addiction can also be due to another mental illness. Gambling addiction can also contribute to the development of mental illness. It is common for people who develop a gambling addiction to end up in a depression or suffer from severe anxiety.

How is a gambling addiction defined

In Sweden, gambling addiction is defined as a disease state. You can easily define gambling addiction as when a person is unable to manage their gambling for money. You simply can not stop playing than you should and even if the money runs out.

People who develop a gambling addiction are usually not even aware of their addiction even though the gambling has already gone out of control. This usually means that people who have a gambling addiction have often lived with the problem for a longer period before they receive proper help and treatment. It can happen in phases and gambling addiction is usually something that creeps in without warning.

There are a few different symptoms one should be vigilant about when it comes to one’s casino gambling. The symptoms probably do not come overnight but develop slowly over a longer period.

– You constantly increase your turnover to increase the excitement in your gaming.

– You lie about your gambling. You then often lie about how much you play for and about how much time you spend on your gambling.

– You get in a bad mood and stressed if you can not play the amount you want.

– When you lose money, you immediately try to win it back.

In several cases, it is the person’s close relatives who draw attention to the unsustainable situation and ask the person for help. This can really act as an alarm clock and be the turning point for a healthier life.

Succeeds in avoiding gambling addiction

If you already have a fully developed gambling addiction, these tips are not something you should resort to. If you have a gambling addiction, it is important to get proper help from trained and professional people. is a tool owned by the Swedish Gaming Inspectorate that will help people to be able to control their gambling. Gambling break means that you shut down from all online casinos with a Swedish gaming license. You choose if you want to shut down for 1, 3, 6 months or indefinitely. During this period, you can not cancel your suspension but have to wait out the entire period.

The Swedish Gaming Inspectorate and the government have now decided that all online casinos with a Swedish gaming license must ensure that all players set a gaming limit for their gaming. Here, as a player, you should think about and set a lower limit than what you first intended to set.

This is perhaps the most difficult part of it, it can be a good idea to really try to shift focus. Can you spend all the time and energy you spend on online casinos on something else? Try to find a healthy substitute for gambling. Maybe there is a form of exercise you have never tried but can try now? Cooking or baking? There are lots of great options.

In addition to the psychological consequences of a gambling addiction, it also often leads to financial difficulties. It is common for players to take out several different loans from different lenders in order to finance their gambling. Mobile loans with high interest rates are easy to get but all the more difficult to repay.

If you as a player have accumulated high and expensive debts, it is important to be honest with your surroundings in order to get proper help. Contact your bank and explain your location. It is very often a good idea to gather all the loans into one large loan to avoid high interest rates and bad agreements.

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