Back in the choir – then almost half of covid-19 was infected

Back in the choir – then almost half of covid-19 was infected
Back in the choir – then almost half of covid-19 was infected

I was thinking damn! We have been very careful and managed for a year and a half.

Finally! Fully vaccinated and no pandemic restrictions. Now Järfälla resident Kristina Blomberg, 69, could once again participate in the senior choir’s rehearsals.

But the joy was turned into horror, she says from the hospital bed at Danderyd’s hospital.

– Four out of seven in the general meeting fell ill with covid-19. A soprano and one of the gentlemen as well. And the choir leader, she says.

Maybe more, they were 20 choir singers who participated that evening in early October. Many in the choir are quite old, and received their second dose six months ago, so the protection is starting to wane.

– All of us who became infected were fully vaccinated. I took my second dose in June.

Called 112

The day after the driving exercise, Kristina Blomberg participated in a meeting. And a few days later she met children and grandchildren. But none of them have been infected.

The husband, on the other hand, fell ill, with mild symptoms.

Kristina Blomberg had a severe cough, she became short of breath and had a fever. After a week, it rose to over 40 degrees. Then the husband called 112.

Long quarantine

There were many hours in the emergency room and then transfer to the infection ward.

– I thought damn it! We have been very careful and managed for a year and a half. We have not shopped, not met children and grandchildren, we have given up everything, she says.

She does not know who brought the infection to the choir.

– I really want to urge everyone to be careful, and to take responsibility and stay home at the slightest symptom, says Kristina Blomberg.

Not 100 percent protection

This is something that the region’s infection control doctor Maria Rotzén Östlund repeated countless times during the pandemic.

– The most important thing is of course to get vaccinated. But the vaccine does not provide 100% protection, and you can get sick.

No increased risk of infection during the workout

Some time ago, Mitt i reported on a study that the Swedish Public Health Agency had commissioned from Friskis & Svettis, which established that the risk of infection during gym sessions was not greater than in society in general, given that infection control measures had been taken.

Risk of infection in the choir

But the question is whether the same applies to choral singing?

– Previously, there were restrictions also for choir singing, but all restrictions have been released, so it is up to you to decide. There is still some spread of infection and it is important to stay home in case of symptoms, not least when singing in a choir, says Maria Rotzén Östlund.

For Kristina Blomberg’s part, it will no longer be sung this semester.

– I do not dare, she says.

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