Korea reports 5 cases of Omicron variant, when Covid-19 infection reaches 5,000

Korea reports 5 cases of Omicron variant, when Covid-19 infection reaches 5,000
Korea reports 5 cases of Omicron variant, when Covid-19 infection reaches 5,000

KONTAN.CO.ID – SEOUL. South Korea’s daily Covid-19 cases hit 5,000 for the first time on Wednesday (1/12) and the number of critically ill patients hit a new high amid concerns over the spread of the Omicron variant.

South Korea reported 5,123 new cases of Covid-19, including 5,075 local infections, raising the total infections to 452,350, according to the South Korean Agency for Disease Control and Prevention (KDCA).

The previous highest number of daily cases in the country of ginseng was 4,115 recorded on Wednesday (24/11) last week.

Quotes YonhapSouth Korea recorded 34 more deaths from Covid-19 on Wednesday, raising the number of people who died from the coronavirus to 3,658. The death rate was 0.81%, up from 0.78% a month earlier.

Critically ill Covid-19 patients also hit an all-time high of 723, marking the first time it has crossed the 700 mark. The previous daily record was 661 reported on Tuesday (30/11).

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The appearance of the Omicron variant has put South Korea on high alert. Moreover, they reported the first five cases of the Omicron variant on Wednesday (1/12), sparking concerns over the sharp increase in patients with severe symptoms.

The fully vaccinated couple tested positive for the new variant after arriving last week from Nigeria, which passed it on to two family members and a friend, according to KDCA.

Interior Minister Jeon Hae-cheol said on Tuesday the government was considering additional measures after deciding to stop further easing social distancing rules.

The KDCA previously said the pandemic risk level, a new five-tier scoring system it introduced last week to evaluate the Covid-19 risk level, had reached the highest level in the South Korean capital region.

Health officials said it would be impossible to move on to the second phase of the “living with Covid-19” scheme that started early last month for a gradual return to normal life.

South Korea originally planned to ease restrictions further in mid-December after four weeks of the first phase.

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